Monday to Thursday - 1:30-7:30pm. 
Friday - 1:30-4:00pm. 
Saturday -  9:30am - 12:30pm, Voice Only.


30 minute lesson (youth) - $30.00 
60 minute lesson (youth) - $50.00 

30 minute lesson (adult) - $40.00 
60 minute lesson (adult) - $60.00

Lessons at Bayside are always personalized, supportive, flexible, and focused. We offer lessons for Piano, Guitar, Accordion, Bass (acoustic and electric), and Voice. Alternatively or in addition, students can also choose to focus on music theory and ear training, composition or improvisation. Due to the wealth of experience and knowledge gained by Louis and Jessie over their careers so far, lessons can be tailored to suit the student's interests and preferences and can focus on Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Music Theatre, or other musical genres. Content and pace will meet the specific needs and abilities of the student. 

As a music studio based on student-centered learning, we will always work with each individual to set personal goals - whether those goals be in repertoire development, performance readiness or in preparation for exams, auditions and festivals/competitions. Every lesson will include appropriate elements of fundamental technique development, feedback and assessment as well as practice guidance. As students progress, and as the need arises, performance coaching will come into play in order to build confidence and expressiveness on stage.

While all lessons will have a degree of learning music theory and ear training, some students may choose to focus on these areas by having entire or partial lessons based on these elements. In the same manner, lessons are offered for more advanced students in the areas of composition and improvisation. 

If you are looking for supportive and approachable teachers who offer a safe space to learn and grow (and make mistakes!), Bayside Music is here to help.